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How can I help you?

Hi again friends.  I wanted to say a little bit about how I can help you, in case you were wondering what my services are all about.

I offer a couple of valuable pathways for you to consider:

  • Become Fertility Wise.  Learn the Symptothermal Method (STM) of Fertility Awareness.  I am an accredited clinical educator (ACNFP), which means that I have undertaken extensive training, inservice and professional experience in teaching women and couples to use this fertility awareness method to help achieve or avoid pregnancy (More info about STM here).
  • Become Nutrition Wise.  I am a strong subscriber to open systems theories and believe that our bodies are integrated systems and therefore that healthy nutrition is a vital pathway to fertility health.  I will work with you to firstly observe your nutrition intake patterns, and then make small but sustainable changes to improve health and wellbeing.

Although my professional qualifications don’t extend into dietetics or nutrition just yet, this area is one of extensive interest – at times obsession! – for me.  I have a broad palette of knowledge and skills to help my clients at least gain insight into possible detrimental patterns of nutrition-intake-behaviour (a.k.a. eating) and have begun making significant changes in my own and my family’s diets.  Another field I am now beginning to explore is that of gut health and its links to our physical and psychological well-being.

Over time I can assure you I will have plenty more to say about these topics, so please, come along for the ride. Xx


Featured post

Cut your neighbour’s grass…and other priorities.

Anyone remember this ad?


Ok, I’m not going to comment on the best lawnmowers on the market, or indeed gender stereotypes.  Those are not my point here.  But the ad has popped into my mind recently.

“If it’s really important to you, I won’t be offended if you go ahead and cut my grass.”

This is, wait was, the standard response I gave when someone commented on their perceived need for our lawns to be neater, tidier, mown, manicured and…well, less of a shameful blight on the street!

The truth is, it’s just not a priority to us.  And even further than that, I think it’s possible that it might even be a better idea to leave it long.  After all, the cats enjoy playing in it, longer grass goes to flower and seed, allowing insects to enjoy it’s pollens and nectars (or whatever grasses produce).  But most importantly I feel my time and attention is much more vitally spent doing other things that are frankly far more important, in my humble opinion.

What does this have to do with health, happiness and fertility?

I just wanted to share that over the past months I have been contemplating the importance of following one’s gut instinct. In times past my internal response to a comment about our lawn would have been shame.

Shame? Really? …I hear you gasp.

Brene Brown, a leading researcher and storyteller on shame and its ill-effects on our wellbeing, defines shame as  “the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging – something we’ve experienced, done, or failed to do makes us unworthy of connection.”

See I would have taken the comment as a criticism, of me as a mother and home-owner and us as a family unworthy of love and belonging in our neighbourhood community.  It seems hard to believe over such an insignificant comment, but I would have experienced what Brown calls the “warm wash of shame”, that powerful body-response when our shame triggers are sparked.

I can happily say that I can laugh with my neighbours now at the state of our yard, without taking anything too personally!  Phew!

Coming to a place where we love and respect ourselves and believe in our ability to know and choose the right way to live our lives is possible.  I am not saying I’m there yet!  But I believe now that I’m on the right path.  I don’t feel the need to outline the priorities I feel are superior to lawn mowing.  I only wish to use this small example to make an important point.

Finding the path of self acceptance, strength and trust in my ability to care for myself, my family and my environment has drastically reduced my personal levels of anxiety, stress and constant overuse of my body’s fight or flight syste

If this rings true for you – if you feel like you’re always running, hiding or freezing like a deer in the headlights – and you are struggling with your physical or mental health, or your fertility (or all three as the case will likely be), then I urge you to consider: how can I find the path to a peaceful lifestyle?

Stress does indeed profoundly impact fertility and the ability to conceive.  And although having a baby is never a guarantee, I believe that a balanced lifestyle can be the answer for some couples trying to conceive.  I believe that you, me and every person have the innate ability to heal and find health, happiness and wellbeing.  Really, I do.

An encouraging quote from Mark Twain:

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life…most of which never happened.”

…a reminder that this present moment is the only moment we have.

So no, I’m not worried about the state of my front yard, I’m happy with it.  It represents my true priorities, and the love and care that I’m learning to share with my children, husband and self, each and every day. Come to think of it, perhaps I’d rather you didn’t go ahead and cut my grass… I’ll do it myself, if and when I’m ready.



Eat your way to happy

More research, and displayed in such a beautifully accessible way, pertaining to the simple truths of simple food.

Thanks for this. Deakin University.

Actually, I hear this myth a lot from fertility clients, friends and anyone I get chatting with, this myth about healthy food costing too much.

I have two suggestions.  The first is to consider what to eat (not what not to eat), the second is to simplify food choices.

A blog post on each of these two suggestions will be forthcoming, because they are central themes in my own journey to health and happiness, which is only just beginning.


Starting right: Breakfast

Breakfast is an apt way to begin this new blog.  Brekkie has been a source of eye-brow crinkling for me for some time now.  I’ve tried many, many different ways of making breakfast work, and today I had a simple idea:  turning breakfast upside down.

What do I mean by this?  I’ll get to it in a minute…

But quickly, here is what this blog is about.  It’s about sharing some very simple, short and sweet ideas that come into my consciousness on a daily basis.  It’s about starting something, which can be tricky in itself!  But most of all, it’s about simplicity – peeling away all the complex, complicated layers that reach for the unattainable (the Perfectionist) and just throwing out seeds.  Again – apt for a site embracing natural fertility, nutrition and holistic wellbeing!

Now back to breakfast – the inspiration for this post:

So, my thought this morning was that to make a yummy and more nutritionally dense breakfast than the ‘traditional’ bowl of carb upon carb, all you have to do is a switcheroo.  Rather than a bowl of cereal topped with a little yoghurt, fruit and some nuts, here is what I enjoyed:  A few nice big blobs of full fat yoghurt, most of a banana (apart from the bit that went straight into my mouth) topped with a small handful of granola.

Somehow this seemed like a major revelation!  It’s the whole post-modern food pyramid thing, where the food types of which we might like to try eating more are predominantly fresh whole foods: whole fruits, vegetables and legumes and ‘good’ fats.

To finish off I will leave you with this little golden nugget from Michael Pollan:

“Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.”

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